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  1. Hello,

    Have you considered porting Zen of Sudoku over to iOS and/or Android? I am sure there would be many who would be interested in playing the game on their mobile devices.


  2. Hey Charlie,
    Ive been meaning to get in touch with you for a while and I haven’t been successful, hopefully you’ll see this. Hi. My name is Tomás and I really freaking love your work. I have been playing Subnautica for quite some time now (since 24 Nov, 2017 to be exact) and I just cant seem to get tired of it! anyways, is it possible to get in contact with Louis Karim? from what I understand, He’s the animator behind the creatures in Subnautica, and, since I have taken an interest in character design/animation, I would be very happy to be able to ask a few questions to the man.

    Looking forward to your response,

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