1 Hour Video Game MBA

I gave a talk at the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference called the 1-Hour Video Game MBA. It was a collection of the most important concepts I had learned after reading dozens of business books and a few years of experience in starting a video game company.

You can watch the full lecture on GDC Vault here:



  • PDF of talk notes and appendix here
  • Original keynote presentation here (79 MB)

It was an audience of 450 and lasted an hour. It was a lot of work to put together, and quite stressful being in front of that many people, but it went over just fine. I was particularly proud of the ending, when I spoke about Seumas McNally, and WHY it’s important to start your business.

As an aside, I played The Antikythera Mechanism, by BT as people entered the room. I listened to this song and album many times while building the talk, both to try to keep my nerves under control, but also because I hear themes of iteration, growth and building through it.