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  1. Hi my name is Teddy Hildebrandt. I love this game alot. the exploration the survival. I’m a really big fan of survival games, you guys did a amazing job on this game and continue to do so. I have alot of fun playing this game, but every once in awhile i do get a little bored. If you made a multiplayer mode it would add so much more possibility’s, and so much more stuff to do. If you receive this message or read it, please consider it, and email me back please and let me know what you think!!!! Thank you!

  2. Hi Charlie,

    I downloaded Subnautica when it was free via Epic Games over Christmas 2018 just now. In just 3-4 days I’ve put in over 30 hours, and had the most fun playing a game in a decade (and I’ve been playing PC games since I stealth-installed Wolf3d-shareware on my dad’s PC).

    I liked the game so much that I went to Buy it after the fact to help support the Subnautica Devs, but Epic won’t let me because I already “own” it after getting it for free from them. Then I thought about buying it from Steam, but I know they take 30% of the cut. I finally bought it from Discord, who I heard only takes ~10% of the revenues.

    It got me thinking that it wouldn’t hurt for Unknown Worlds to have a donation/support option for players to directly send funds in weird circumstances like these.

    Anyways, Happy New Years and please keep up the amazing work!


  3. Hello Charlie Cleveland,
    Subnautica is my favorite game. It really inspires me and it is part of the reason I want to study in video game programming. Where did you study to be able to run Unknown Worlds and program Subnautica? Could you give me some advice please?
    I look forward to your answer,
    Rémi Serra.

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