“Vampires” – 2015 through present

I’m co-developing a Cosmic-Encounter inspired game with vampires with Bruno Faidutti.

Subnautica – 2013 through present

Subnautica on Steam in early access. A non-violent open world game based almost entirely underwater.

Natural Selection 2 – 2008 through 2012

Natural Selection 2 (Oct 31, 2012). I poured my money, blood, sweat and tears into this one.

Natural Selectiono – 2001 through 2004

Natural Selection, released Oct 31. 2002. A Half-life mod: blending real-time strategy with first-person multiplayer.

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  1. Hello are you interested in letting the NS1 Community help to develop\update NS1 for a steam release?
    If so please email me 🙂

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