Video game sell sheet

How do you summarize a game concept? How do you pitch it? How can you get an idea if your game concept is compelling, understandable and marketable? One useful answer to these questions is the sell sheet.

The sell sheet is a one-page high-level description of your game. It includes features, screenshots, system requirements, target audience and ship date. It’s basically what the back of the box looks like. I’ve found that if you can distill your game idea down to a unique, clear, enticing sell sheet, then you have a good chance your game is will be accepted by the market, as well as money sources like publishers and investors.

Here is an example sell sheet (MS Word format) that describes Natural Selection. This sell sheet was made after the game was, back when we were thinking of pitching NS as retail product.


  1. The screenshots section can be concept art, reference art from similar sources or photos. I generally take shots from films or similar subject matter that gives an idea of what the art style will look like.
  2. The features section should be short, concise and word-smithed to death. My example here is probably too wordy. My guess is that most consumers will spend 5-10 seconds glancing at the back of a box and my guess is that publishers do the same. Put your best stuff first and choose your words carefully.
  3. I’ve found that the sell sheet is often the best first step to take when conceiving of a new game idea. It’s quick to make and conveys your game idea quickly to stakeholders.

Please feel free to us this template as a starting point for your own project planning and pitching and post any thoughts or improvements here in the comment section.

Good luck!

Download sell sheet (MS Word format)