List of great artists for your tabletop game

Gallery of experienced board game artists you can work with

Are you looking for an awesome freelance artist for your tabletop, board or card game? There’s a lot of mediocre art from artists that don’t understand tabletop games, so I spent a few hours looking for fantastic artists that worked in tabletop games. And I wanted to record my research in a public place for others to use.

So here’s a big list of working tabletop game artists (many of which were at GenCon this year), along with one image that seems typical of their style. I thought these were beautiful or applicable for my own tabletop game about vampires, and I hope they are useful for your project too!

Click any of the thumbnails below to see more of the artist’s work or get in touch. Maybe they’re available for a quick test?

Finally, this thread looks in-depth at the process of revisions and the back and forths and tradeoffs when working with an artist and graphic designer. I think it gives a good idea of what the process of developing art for a tabletop game might look like in practice.

If your art is here and don’t want to be listed, or if you know of other great artists that should be, please let me know.